Dunkin' DunKings

Ben Affleck's Pop Star dreams just can't be denied. His journey kicks off with a 2024 Grammy's spot with cameos from Charli D'Amelio and a massive donut medallion as Ben preps for his big moment. What follows up at the 2024 Super Bowl is a cultural clash by Ben and his man-boy band, The DunKings ft. Matt Damon and Tom Brady, as they bum rush JLo and Fat Joe in the studio, all against the better judgement and advice of Jack Harlow. In the end, Ben becomes a Pop Star for a day, and this is him, now. DunKings!

Written By

  • Brandon¬†Pierce
  • Ben Affleck

Directed By

  • Ben Affleck
  • Brandon Pierce a.k.a. Beedy

Produced By

  • Artists Equity
  • Executive Producer: Emma Ogiens
  • Director of Brand Strategy: Maddie Schafer
  • Head of Account Management: Marissa Guerra
  • VP Executive Creative Director: Brandon Pierce
  • Producer: Sean Patrick Kelly



Release Date